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Biochemical and Personality Typing

Biochemical Typing

Dr. Jensen offers a no-cost option for biochemical typing to help you with your optimal dietary choices. He is also conducting an ongoing project to determine if personality type is linked with optimal dietary choices. In order to obtain your no-cost dietary advice, there are two things to do:

1.     E-mail our site for the biochemical typing form: drjensen@individualizednutrition.com. Fill out the form and then return it to the same e-mail address. If you do not know how to answer a specfic question, you can leave it blank.

2.     You should first make a duplicate webpage of this one you are viewing before you click on the link below, since after you click on the link below, the webpage you are currently viewing will be directed away from individualizednutrition.com. After you have duplicated this webpage, go to the link: www.humanmetrics.com. On the top left-hand side, click on "Jung Typology Test"TM. Try to answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. When you obtain your personality type, include it with the biochemical typing form in (1) by typing/writing it on the top of the page.

After you have turned in the information for (1) and (2), you will be given your optimal dietary choice results by e-mail reply.

Dr. Jensen provides science-based holistic health care and guidance. He can advise you on specific problems you are experiencing, or help you create a comprehensive health care plan for optimum health.

Dr. Jensen will provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and suggest a course of action.

Contact Dr. Jensen at 1-800-390-5365 or use the contact form.

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Contact me today at 1-800-390-5365. I will help you develop a personalized strategy for optimum health.

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