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Client Testimonials for Richard Jensen, Holistic Health Counselor and Holistic Nutritionist

Testimonial from Neena D.

Dr. Jensen has been an invaluable resource for me in terms of dealing with occasional insomnia, menstrual cramps, and itchy skin. Initially, I did not have faith in vitamins and minerals due to my lack of understanding on how they worked in the body and how they could help me. I first came to Dr. Jensen through his website: individualizednutrition.com for my insomnia. He recommended a multi-mineral formula that contained both calcium and magnesium and explained that these two minerals could help me relax before bedtime. Even with doubts, I took it that night and I was surprised because they really did work! I was totally relaxed and fell asleep almost immediately. Taking the Calcium and Magnesium is a natural and better alternative to sleeping pills. Two weeks later, I came to Dr. Jensen for menstrual pain. He explained to me that the Calcium and Magnesium would also help alleviate my menstrual cramps. I took the multi-mineral and within 30 minutes, my cramps had subsided and I could proceed with my day without pain. Dr. Jensen also helped me to control itchy skin since I seem to always be the target of all different kinds of bugs and mosquitos. The bites were really annoying and can last for several days. He suggested that I try one gram of Vitamin C and within 30 minutes, the itchiness was gone. I couldn't believe it worked. I still saw the bug bites on me and they did not itch! Dr. Jensen told me that the itchiness would return within a couple of hours; so I needed to take the Vitamin C on an as needed basis. I can tell you this: taking Vitamin C is a whole lot better than taking Benedryl, with its side effects. I heartily recommend Dr. Jensen to people who are suffering from all sorts of health issues, because he has the knowledge about how to treat illnesses in a non-invasive and natural way. Dr. Jensen can help you, as he has with me. Dr. Jensen, thank you so much for helping me feel better.

Dr. Jensen provides science-based holistic health care and guidance. He can advise you on specific problems you are experiencing, or help you create a comprehensive health care plan for optimum health.

Dr. Jensen will provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and suggest a course of action.

Contact Dr. Jensen at 1-800-390-5365 or use the contact form.

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Contact me today at 1-800-390-5365. I will help you develop a personalized strategy for optimum health.

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