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Health - Nutrition - Wellness Articles for Healthy Aging

Health, Nutrition and Wellness Articles for Healthy Aging

While aging is inevitable, there are a number of factors that determine how gracefully we enter our golden years, and many steps we can take to help ensure continued vitality. Although we can’t turn back the clock, we can certainly slow down the appearance and severity of the effects of time’s advance. Here you will find a number of general wellness articles and insights from Richard Jensen, a Holistic Health Counselor, providing tips for healthy aging. Richard will provide health and nutrition information that can help to keep us active and vibrant as we age.

Aging Gracefully

Regular exercise benefits us in a myriad of ways, from strengthening our heart and lungs (stimulating improved cardiovascular health, reducing our risk for heart attack and stroke) to being a natural anti-depressant. It also helps our bodies to more efficiently assimilate the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we eat, which then strengthen our bone structures. By stimulating increased blood flow, exercise also assists our body's natural filtration systems to process out toxins.

Nutrition and Antioxidants

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably already heard or read about the importance of antioxidants in supporting good health. You may have also heard or read that supplementing your diet with antioxidants may slow down the aging process, but is it really a “fountain of youth?”

Loss of Memory

While some loss of memory may be inevitable as we age, there are still a number of steps we can take to help minimize the impact of potential memory loss as we grow older. For example, studies have shown that certain foods, such as blueberries, may contain phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that can actually slow the process of memory loss and improve our coordination and balance.

Bone Joint Pain

Bone joint pain is a common complaint among people over the age of 50. This pain stems from osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, which is typically associated with the process of aging - it is often referred to as wear-and-tear-arthritis or degenerative arthritis.

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